Introduction to Tree of Life Center Komagome

Tree of Life Japan Ippan Shadan Houjin

Those of you who have been with us on Shabbat over the last few weeks have been hearing about the vision and steps into the next stage of growth for Tree of Life Japan Messianic Ministries. To this end, we are now officially incorporated as an Ippan Shadan Houjin (as of 4 Feb 2022) which is a legal organization registered with the local government. An Ippan Shadan Houjin allows us to do both nonprofit and for-profit work. This means we can receive donations and offerings as well as engage in business activities that may generate a profit without the limitations of an NPO.

Tree of Life Center in Komagome

10 steps away from JR Komagome (Yamanote Line) station East exit we will be renting the 2F and 3F of a new building. This is a site which the Lord had really pointed out to us back in October 2020 (longer story). It was formerly a front of station bakery on a shotengai but it went out of business due to the pandemic. The building was eventually torn down and the new structure was completed this past December and Rakuten Mobile moved into the first floor. Realizing that the 2F and 3F were seeking tenants, we made a call and long story short, after a few months of discussions and negotiations with the owner group, we have agreed to take the space from March 1. We truly sense the Lord’s favor through this whole process and we are now beginning the design stages for the interior. 

Tree of Life Center will in essence be a community center with a Messianic synagogue attached to it, a model that is common in many Jewish communities around the world. This “Life Center” will serve our local community that we have been blessed to be planted in the midst of. The focus will be everything we are already doing (congregation, messianic teaching, Jewish outreach, church unity etc.) as well as something new, local outreach, which will include some of the following aspects:

  • Language School
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Education & Learning
  • Music & Arts
  • Care & Counseling
  • Food Bank

See the attached diagram to understand how everything ties together. There are also some photos of the new space.

We absolutely seek your support both in prayer and Terumah (what your heart compels you to bring to the Lord as an offering). If you would like to be involved in one of the many projects that we will be launching soon, please get in touch with us. Certainly if you feel called to Give toward the building of Tree of Life Center we welcome your generosity and calling to walk with us as we build out the space and fund the ministries. The space is currently a skeleton so it will still be some months before we can have an opening ceremony but stay tuned!

Together we’re believing this is one of the bigger steps towards establishing an all out Messianic Center in Japan one day. The future Messianic Center will support all the Messianic ministries and work from around the world that are connecting into Japan and also be a resource and place of relationship for Church leaders in Japan. 

4 thoughts on “Introduction to Tree of Life Center Komagome

  1. Hello Tree of Life Ministries! Shalom! I thank the Lord for providing you a place that is easy to reach and is near from the train station. I really would love to visit you and experience a congregation where both Jews and Gentiles come together as one in the body of Messiah. God bless to all!

    1. Shalom Mayumi-san! Thank you for your message and encouragement. We hope to have the 3F of the center ready by summer. You are welcome to connect with us on Shabbat via zoom or stop by Beit Samurai.

  2. Shalom TOL-Japan! Thank you for the reply and the invitation. Great to hear the center will be open by summer and praying to visit you in person by then. For now, Zoom is my only option. I will try this week but if not, next week. 🙂
    God bless!

  3. Shalom!I just found this site while I was looking for Messianic church on Google. I am currently living in the States, and I have been going to a Messianic Congregation in Orange County, CA. I am Japanese and I have been a follower of Yeshua since 2008. I used to go to a Christian church, but I was not very happy. I always felt that something was missing. Last September, during a high holiday season, I attended Ben David in the city of Orange, then I felt I belong to a Messianic group. Our congregation is a part of Chosen People Ministry as well. When I go back to Japan, I will definitely visit your location to meet everyone. I can’t wait!

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