Messianic Jewish teaching from Zion to America to Japan…

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Within Messianic Judaism there exists a range of views especially when it comes to matters of halakha or walking out one’s faith and obedience to G-D’s word (Torah) in light of Yeshua’s work of fulfillment. Navigating the myriad of “messianic” teachings and sources available nowadays can be a very daunting endeavor. Much of the teaching is solid but then there is a fair amount of teaching which can be damaging.

Tree of Life Japan’s teachings are consistent with mainstream Messianic theology and thought. We do not seek to invite or espouse any fringe beliefs or interpretations that may cause controversy for our brothers in the Gentile Christian Church (nor within the Messianic Jewish synagogue).

Through over 35 years of “dwelling in the midst” of the camp of the Messianic Jewish movement and gleaning from various Jewish leaders and teachers we offer ourselves as a vetted and mature resource for the Body of Messiah in Japan.

In our day we are increasingly seeing the Gentile Church awaken to the deeper understanding and acknowledgement of G-D’s eternal covenant with Israel. We seek to foster this, in many cases, newfound understanding and aspect of the Church’s relationship with the L-RD in a balanced and fruitful way.

Tree of Life Japan seeks to stand in the gap of understanding and to help all believers, both Jew or Gentile, to walk out their understanding of the covenants made between the L-RD and man. We seek to bring clarity of identity for all followers of Yeshua in their relationship with Israel as One New Man

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