Join us to bring bring reconciliation to Jewish and Gentile believers across Japan and the nations

We believe in One Messiah, One Body and the restoration of the Messianic Jewish Community.

Reconciliation between Jew and Japanese (and Gentiles generally) is at the very core of Tree of Life Japan’s ministry in Japan. Isaac and Melissa are often invited to Japanese churches to share about Jewish identity, the history of antisemitism, celebrating the biblical feasts and what it means to truly be One New Man in Messiah, Jew and Japanese together.

We seek to engage with all followers of Yeshua, to manifest unity as brothers and sisters called together based on mutual recognition.

We open our hearts and hands to stand in unity with the whole body of Messiah in Japan in fulfillment of John 17 “that they may be one”

Melissa reciting the candle lighting blessing during a Shavuot celebration with a church in Shibuya, Tokyo

As a part of this calling Isaac is currently serving the Toward Jerusalem Council II movement as a Global Coordinator for 2023 High Convocation in Jerusalem and as a Japan/Asia Coordinator.

The Inaugural TJCII Japan Gathering was held on September 27, 2021 – if you are interested in viewing the recording please contact asia@tjcii.org

The Inaugural TJCII Asia Summit was held in January 2021

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To learn more about TJCII Japan or Asia groups please contact asia@tjcii.org or isaac@tjcii.org

A catholic Bishop from Kenya (left) Japanese, Korean and Chinese believers together at the TJCII Asia Convocation (right and below) in Singapore, 2019
(top left) Rabbi Marty Waldman, General Executive Secretary of TJCII

Why the Church needs the Jewish people

Nic Lesmeister is on the Board of Directors of Toward Jerusalem Council II